For students!

Intermediate English Power Up Course

Take this four week course to boost your English! The first week is free. Here is how the course works!

Step 1: Sign up for the course!

Step 2: Confirm your subscrition in your email box!

Step 3: Look for email lessons starting June 19th!

Each email will contain lessons not found on elllo and will focus on grammar, listening, vocabulary, reading and even speaking!

Below are some of the special activities!

Grammar Videos

Watch short videos explaining grammar points that are easy to understand and last only a few minutes!

Repeat Challenge

Listen to a short audio clip and try to repeat what you hear. This is bottom up listening and a great way to increase your listening and speaking skill!

Speaking Challenge

Listen to a short audio clip with five questions. Try to think of an answer in five seconds. You can also use this activity to work on pronunciation, speaking and listening.

Vocabulary Rush

Watch a video using 25 words related to a theme or topic or grammar point. This video will help with grammar forms and increase vocabulary knowledge.


For paid memmbers, get homework assignments and feedback from you teacher every day!

The first week is free!

Students can sign up below!

Class starts June 19th!

What is ELLLO?

ELLLO! Welcome to English Language Listening Library Online. My name is Todd Beuckens and I have been an ESL teacher for over 20 years. I created ELLLO to help students (and teachers) get free listening lessons online. I post two new lessons each week.

Got a question, comment or request? You can contact me here.


For Educators

Ed Tech Training for Teachers

Teachers get to be students too!

Learn how to make a class homepage, digital lessons, a flipped classroom, interactive worksheets and online courses using over 30 free online tools! Participants will be able to do the following:

  • Access to daily video and email tutorial
  • Access to downloadable video library
  • Feedback on assignments
  • Access to the course for a year

Sign up for the first week for free!

No payment details are needed for the first week!

A to Z of Free

All tools used in the class are free or freemium! Students do not need to pay for any software, but should have a computer with Internet access and ideally a google account (email).

I have created several online websites to learn language. I use many of the tools listed in the course with my classes on a regular basis.

About the Course

Each day participants will get an email with guided instructions, links to videos and exercise files, and tips on using the lessons with your classes.

  • The free course lasts five days.
  • The paid course lasts five weeks!

Participants on the paid course will get links to all videos in the training libary.

Each module comes with individual video tutorials showing how to create content step-by-step. Students can download the videos for viewing offline if they wish.

Once a student has paid for a course, they can take it as many times as they like.

Each lesson, the instructor will challenge the students to complete an assignment, such as make a worksheet or create a simple blog. Students do not need to do the assigments to keep up with the course!

All tools and online platforms are free or freemium so students do not need to pay for additional materials.

Teachers can sign up below!

The course start June 12 and June 19th.