How to join our classes!

Step 1: Buy a class membership or class credits.

Step 2: After buying credits or a subscription, you will be sent a link to book class times with a teacher.

Step 3: Go to the class booking site and book a class you would like to join.

Step 4: Attend class and have fun speaking English

Current class schedule:

  UTC (-3) UTC (+1) UTC (+9)
Class #


Teacher: Todd / USA
Class T02 Sun / M / Th
8-8:45 am
Sun / M / Th
12-12:45 am
Sun / M / Th
20-20:45 pm
Class T03 Sun / M / Th
9-9:45 am
Sun / M / Th
13-13:45 pm
Sun / M / Th
21-21:45 pm
Teacher: Nadia / USA
Class N01 Mon / Wed
18-18:45 pm
Mon / Wed
10-10:45 pm
Tu / Th
6-6:45 am
Class N02 Mon / Wed
19-19:45 pm
Mon / Wed
11-11:45 pm
Tu / Th
7-7:45 am
Class N03 Tues
0:45 -1:30
7:45-8:30 am
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Note: As more students register, more teachers and classes will be added to meet demand. Also, students can request times not posted on the schedule. Just write to us and ask. Contact todd (at) elllo (dot) org.



Welcome to elllo class!

Online English classes are now offered from elllo. All classes are taught by native speakers of English, and class size is limited to three students per class.

Meet the Teachers
How Class Works
Use Video and Text
Logging in to Class
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Class Membership

Students can pay for a monthly membership. The first month is free! The monthly membership allows students to take a set amount of classes each month. See rates below.

40 USD per month / 4 class lessons

100 USD per month / 12 class lessons

200 USD per month / 25 class lessons

Pay as you go / Class Credits

Students pay for classes on a per class basis. Student credits are good for six months.

50 USD / 4 class lessons

120 USD / 12 class lessons

240 USD / 25 class lessons

What is the classroom like?

Classes take place in a virtual classroom. We use WebEx software which allows multple speakers in the same environment. Students can download the necessary software for free on either a Mac or PC.

The classes are just like a regular classroom. All students can see the teacher and talk to each other. The teacher also has a whiteboard to help display language and a notes sections to export the lesson notes after each class.

Our current group of teachers is as follows:

Todd / U.S.

Todd is an English teacher based in Japan. He is the creator of and, and an author of four ESL textbooks. He has been teaching English for nearly 20 years.

Graham / U.K.

Graham is a seasoned English teacher working in Thailand. He has expereince working in education, management, and e-publishing. Graham will begin teaching in August.

Nadia / U.S.

Nadia is an experienced teacher, salesperson and education technology specialist. Nadia will begin teaching in August.