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400 title
Downloadable MP3
Main Interview
Audio Notes
Skill Builder
Improve test taking ability by practising different skills.
Listening for detail: Listen to get specific information or key points. (Task 1)
Restatements: Fill the gaps with words from the audio to make restatements of the text. (Task 2)
Task Adjuster
Turn the text on or off to make the task easier or more difficult.
Word Gap
Make restatements from the text with the words below.

Exercise: Fill in the gaps with the following words from the text.

word : word : word : word : word : word

  1. sentence1 .
  2. sentence2 .
  3. sentence3 .
  4. sentence4 .
  5. sentence5 .
  6. sentence6 .

Task 1: Take the game quiz. Preview the questions, then play the audio and answer each question after the audio stops.
Task 2: Read the text or listen to the audio and fill complete the sentences on the right.