Game #47
Day at the Aquarium
Learn about shows and sea creatures at an aquarium.
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Game 47 Day at the Aquarium
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Hello and welcome to The Big Tank Aquarium. My name is Jason and I will be your tour guide today.

Sea OtterFirst off, we will be looking at some sea otters. These lovely creatures live mainly in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Even though the otter can walk on land, it also has the ability to live exclusively in the sea. Sea otters eat fish and crustaceans and are themselves hunted by orcas and sea lions. Sea otters occasionally die from shark bites although sharks are not known to eat them.

OrcaOur next ceature is one of the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. Orca, or killer whales as they are sometimes known, are ocean hunters the feed on fish and other marine life such as sea lions, seals, and walruses. Here at the aquarium we have a show featuring our killer whales, but unfortutately shows only run on the weekend.

DolphinOur next creature, like the whale and the shark, is one of the most popular creatures of the sea. The one you are looking at is a bottlenose dolphin. It likes to live in groups, usually about 15 total in size, although they have been known to live in much larger groups than that. Their diet consists mainly of schools of fish it harvests in groups.

PenguinsNow, next we have a flightless bird I am sure everyone reconizes. Here we have our collection of penguins. These birds live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. They like to feed on many forms of sea life, such as fish, squid and krill. Because they have no predators on land, they are very friendly to humans, however they are hunted by leapord seals in the ocean.

Tranied SealsSpeaking of which, in twenty minutes we will be starting our Marine Circus with our star performers Spanky and Smarty, two trained seals that perform daily at the Aquarium. Spanky and Smarty will be retiring soon though as we plan to replace their show with two newly trained bottlenose dolphins, so you might want to be sure to catch the show today. It might be your last chance.

Octopus Oh, that reminds me. I am sorry to announce also that in preparation for our new jellyfish and squid exhibit, the Big Blue Octopus exhibit is not closed but we should have it ready for viewing soon. However, we have a virtual tour of this creature you can see online from our website.

Well, that's the end of the tour. If you want seats for the seal show, you should go to the arena soon. It'll begin shortly.

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