Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words below. After you finish you can hear the answers.
  1. The police will the murder.
  2. The car was by the side of the road.
  3. The city is starting a to get people to use less water.
  4. She was to get a new job.
  5. The song is a of all the other pop songs that are popular at the moment.
Questions for you!
Answer the audio questions about the news.

Audio Notes, News #2: Baby Blues

abandoned (to abandon)

A baby has been abandoned at a local hospital.

When something is abandoned it is left somewhere without care of supervision, with no intention of being cared for again. For example, if you abandon a pet, you leave it somewhere and never go back to get it. A house can be abandoned if the people living there move away and they never try to sell it. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. The puppy was abandoned on the street.
  2. My car is an old abandoned automobile I repaired my self.

investigating (to investigate)

Police are investigating the crime.

When something is investigated, people look for reasons something happened. For example, police investigate crimes. That is, they try to find out the reason a crime happened. Here are some sample sentences:

  1. The company is investigating the accident that happened in the factory.
  2. Police are investigating the murder at the beach. They still have no suspects.


Schools are campaigning for shorter school days.

A campaign is work done to achieve something, usually to make people act in a certain way. For example, politicians have campaigns to get people to vote for them. A city might have a campaign to get people to do things, like use less energy. Notice the following:

  1. We launched a campaign to get people to drive less.
  2. It was a long Presidential campaign, but it was fun to watch.


The play is a parody of modern theater.

A parody is a copy of something for comedic effect. For example, when you try to act like a famous person to make people laugh, that is a parody. Here are a few examples:

  1. He is just a parody of his former self.
  2. The movie is a parody of the culture of reality shows on TV.


The bird's owner is delighted it returned home safely.

When you are delighted, you are very, very happy about something. Notice the following:

  1. He is delighted to hear you will attend the party.
  2. They are delighted with the birth of their new daughter.