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Quiz 1: Vocabulary Focus
  1. Please with your details ASAP.
  2. My flat does not have a .
  3. All the hotel rooms the bay.
  4. My is really messy.
  5. I am renting a home in the city.
Quiz 3: Questions for You!
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Audio Notes Scene #21 Any Vacancies?


We have some flats available.

A flat is an apartment. British and Australian English uses the word flat more commonly than the word apartment. In American English, a flat usually is an apartment with no walls that is one big open space. Notice the following:

1) I rent a flat for 600 pounds a month.

2) I just moved into a new flat downtown.

partly furnished

Both flats are partly-furnished.

When a house or apartment is partly furnished, that means it has some furniture the residents can use, such as a bed or washing machine. Notice the following:

1) A partly-furnished apartment is always cheaper than a fully-furnished one.

2) He rents a partly-furnished vacation home in the country.

look out over

There is a nice view looking out over the bay.

When you look out over something that means you can look far into the distance and see a wide open space. You can look out over a large body of water, like an ocean, or you can look out over a large area of land like the desert. Notice the following:

We had a great view looking out over the valley.

From the hotel, you can look out over the sea.

get back to me

Would you like to get back to me?

When you get back to someone, you call them or meet at a later date to give information you did not have previously. Notice the following uses of 'get back to me':

1) I don't have the information now. Can I get back to you with that?

2) Please get back to me when the details are complete.


The landline is 89-6122

A landline is a phone that is connected by a line of cable. Notice the following:

1) Does your house have a landline?

2) My landline bill is always lower than my mobile bill.