Beginner 2 | Lesson 9 | Prepositions

Which do you prefer?

Abidemi and Todd discuss which items they prefer if they have a choice.

Todd: Okay, Abidemi, we will play another word game.

Abidemi: Yay.

Todd: This game is Choices. I will give you two words. You have to choose, choose one. Which do you prefer? Are you ready?

Abidemi: Yes, I am.

Todd: Okay, first one. Coffee or tea?

Abidemi: Tea.

Todd: Tea?

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: You're a tea person.

Abidemi: I am a tea person.

Todd: I'm a coffee person.

Abidemi: Oh.

Todd: I love coffee.

Abidemi: Sorry.

Todd: Okay, the next one. Dogs or cats?

Abidemi: Dogs.

Todd: Yes, I agree. Dogs. Why dogs?

Abidemi: I think they can do a lot more than cats.

Todd: True. Cats are fun, but dogs are just special.

Abidemi: I agree.

Todd: Okay, summer or winter?

Abidemi: Summer, all the way.

Todd: Yeah, no choice, right?

Abidemi: No choice.

Todd: Okay, what about spring or fall?

Abidemi: That's a hard one. Maybe I would choose fall. I love the changing leaves, the colors in the fall, I think.

Todd: Yeah, me too. I love the fall. The fall is my favorite season.

Abidemi: Ooh.

Todd: Okay, so now how about living at home, so bed or futon?

Abidemi: Bed. I find the bed more comfortable, and it's higher off the ground.

Todd: Yeah, I agree. I sleep on a futon in my house, but I like sleeping on a bed. I like beds when I travel. Okay, next, bath or shower?

Abidemi: Shower.

Todd: Yeah, why?

Abidemi: I like the feel of the water running on me, and it showers wake me up in the morning.

Todd: Yeah, plus showers are fast.

Abidemi: Yes, they are.

Todd: Right, I definitely like that. I'm a shower person. Okay, next, house or apartment?

Abidemi: House. A house has more space, and you don't have neighbors. You don't have their noise. If you live in an apartment, it's harder to do things without disturbing other people.

Todd: Yeah, true. Okay, so now let's go to eating. Fork or chopsticks?

Abidemi: Fork, although I can use chopsticks pretty well. I'm more used to forks.

Todd: Yeah, I actually changed. Now I prefer chopsticks.

Abidemi: Oh, why?

Todd: Yeah, I just find it easier. I taught in Thailand and Japan for many years, and now I just like chopsticks.

Abidemi: I see.

Todd: Especially foods like salad.

Abidemi: I see.

Todd: Yeah, much, much easier. All right, next question, home cooked meal or fine restaurant?

Abidemi: That's a hard one. Maybe fine dining.

Todd: Oh okay.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: Why?

Abidemi: Because I would probably eat something that I've never had before.

Todd: I prefer home cooked meal.

Abidemi: Why?

Todd: It just smells good, right? So a home cooked meal makes the house smell really good. I love that smell.

Abidemi: And it's probably healthier.

Todd: Yeah. Okay, next one. Cooking dinner or cleaning up?

Abidemi: Cleaning up.

Todd: Why cleaning up?

Abidemi: I am not a very good cook, so I would feel better cleaning up.

Todd: Yeah, me too. I like cleaning. I like the warm water.

Abidemi: Ooh.

Todd: Yeah, I like washing dishes, and I can't cook.

Abidemi: I see.

Todd: I like to wait and smell the food, and then just eat it.

Abidemi: Same here.

Todd: Much, much better.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: Okay, next. Watch TV or surf the internet?

Abidemi: Watch TV.

Todd: Oh, okay.

Abidemi: Yes. I think it's less ... it takes less effort.

Todd: Yeah, yeah. Maybe you're right. I go with surf the internet, just because I like the choices, more options.

Abidemi: That's true.

Todd: Yeah. All right, so let's talk about travel, last one, last category. Travel. Take the train or take the bus?

Abidemi: Take the bus. I once had to take a train from Toronto to Chicago for 12 hours. I could not get off the train, whereas the buses where I live, you get off once in a while. They let you walk.

Todd: Ah, that's true. What about short distances in town? Take the train or take the bus?

Abidemi: I think I have ... I really like buses.

Todd: Okay. I think I'm the train in both cases, I just love trains, because trains you can get up and walk around.

Abidemi: That's true.

Todd: Yeah, but the bus you're stuck in your seat.

Abidemi: That's true.

Todd: You can't move. Yeah. Okay, so travel alone or travel with friends?

Abidemi: Both. I have done both.

Todd: No, no, you have to choose. The game, you have to choose.

Abidemi: Okay, if they are friends that I really know, maybe yes. If not, travel alone.

Todd: Yeah see, for me, travel alone, easy.

Abidemi: Okay.

Todd: Because when you travel alone, you are free.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: You can go any time.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: You can go anywhere, so I love the freedom.

Abidemi: I think I agree with you as well.

Todd: Okay, so next, budget travel or luxury travel?

Abidemi: Of course luxury travel.

Todd: Really?

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: I think budget travel is sometimes more interesting.

Abidemi: That's true, but you are limited. You are not as free.

Todd: Yeah, maybe, and sometimes you have poor conditions.

Abidemi: That's true.

Todd: Luxury travel you have a nice bed.

Abidemi: Yes.

Todd: It's a nice hotel, it has a pool.

Abidemi: Delicious food.

Todd: Delicious food, true. Okay. All right, well I think I have a good idea about you now. Thanks, Abidemi.

Abidemi: Thanks, Todd.

Grammar Point

Prepostions of Time, Place and Purpose

At: used for place and times
  1. I live at home.
  2. I work at a hospital.
  3. Let's meet at noon, not at night.
  4. I will be home at ten
In: Used for times. months and places
  1. I work in a factory.
  2. I live in a house.
  3. See you in the morning.
  4. I work in the evening.
  5. I start my new job in June.
On: Used for a place and day of the week or month.
  1. I sleep on a bed.
  2. Please do not sit on the floor.
  3. I work on Monday.
  4. I have class on the 11th.
For: Used for a length of time or personal focus.
  1. This coffee is for Joe.
  2. This is for you. Happy Birthday.
  3. Here is some sugar for your coffee.
  4. I exercise for ten minutes every day.
  5. I taught English for three years in Spain
With: Used to show a connection or presence.
Without: Used to show no presence.
  1. I agree with you.
  2. I like my coffee with sugar.
  3. I am here with my friend.
  4. I like my toast without butter.
  5. I cannot drive without my glasses.
  6. I like the song "with or without you" by U2.


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