High Beginner 3 | Lesson 14 Have to | Need to / Must

Party Clean Up

Meg is moving soon and she talks with Todd about all the things she needs to do

Todd: So Meg, are you busy this weekend?

Meg: Yes, I'm so busy because I'm moving.

Todd: Oh, no.

Meg: Yeah, there's a lot of work to do.

Todd: What do you have to do?

Meg: First, I have to prepare my apartment, so I need to pack all of my things.

Todd: That's not fun.

Meg: No, it takes a long time.

Todd: Do you need help?

Meg: Yeah, do you have time to help me?

Todd: I can help you on Sunday.

Meg: Ooh, are you busy on Saturday?

Todd: Yeah, on Saturday I have to work. I have to teach two classes, and then after I teach, I have to grade papers. Oh, it sounds like you're really busy too. Plus, I have to meet my friends that evening.

Meg: Oh, what will you do with your friends?

Todd: I'm helping my friend also. My friend has car problems, so I have to take him to the mechanic, but on Sunday I can help you.

Meg: OK, that would be great because on Sunday I have to take some trash to the dump, and I have to finish some paperwork at city hall to prepare for moving to a new country

Todd: Now, because you're moving, do you have to go to the post office?

Meg: I do have to go to the post office. I almost forgot. At the post office, I have to submit a form to say my new address.

Todd: Ah, that's good because I have to go to the post office, too.

Meg: Oh, really.

Todd: I have to send my mom's birthday gift to her.

Meg: When is your mom's birthday?

Todd: It was one month ago.

Meg: Ah, so you have to send it quickly.

Todd: Yes, I have to get on it.

Meg: OK, well, let's go together.

Todd: So, I'll see you Sunday. What time should I be here?

Meg: I have to go to city hall by three p.m., so can you come at two?

Todd: OK, but if you want to go to the dump, the dump closes at noon, so we have to leave early.

Meg: Ah, OK. Can you come at eleven?

Todd: Yes. OK, so I will see you at eleven o'clock.

Meg: Great, see you then.

Todd: Bye.

Meg: Bye.

Need to / Have to / Must

need to - shows an action is important and necessary.

(Q) What do we need to bring?
(A) You need to have a swimsuit.
(N) You don’t need to wear a cap.

(Q) Do we need to show ID?
(A) Yes, you do.
(N) No, you don’t.

have to- shows an action is important and necessary.

(Q) What do you have to do?
(A) I have to clean my rooms.
(N) I don’t have to finish today.

(Q) Do you have to go?
(A) Yes, I have to. / Yes, I do.
(N) No, I don’t (have to)

not have to - shows an action is not necessary

You don’t have to come.
You don’t have to read that.
You don’t have to help

must - shows an action is important and necessary.

(Q) What must we do?
(A) You must try harder,
(N) You mustn’t do that again.

must not - shows an action is forbidden or should not be done.

You mustn’t be late.
You mustn’t make say that!
You mustn’t trust him!

Answer the following questions about the interview.