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What is elllo?

The site name, elllo, stands for English Listening Library Online. Elllo offers free listening activities for students learning English as another language. Currently there are over 2000 listening activities on the site.

What kind of activities are there?

There are many different activities on the site, all of which focus on listening. However, each activity type has a unique design to focus on different skills as noted below:

Views: These pages are primarily audio interviews with various speakers talking about a wide range of topics. The speech is unscripted so the language is more natural and authentic than language in textbooks. All activities come with a quiz, vocabulary lessons, and downloadable audio. New activities come with a multi-media audio slide show with caption support, so students can read in sync with the audio. These activities are mainly dialogues but occasionally monologues.

Videos:The videos are similar to the Views activities because they feature various speakers talking about a range of topics. Most videos focus on a specified question. Each video comes with a quiz to enhance interest and comprehension. Also, the videos come with captions so students can read the text as the listen.

Mixer: Mixer consists of six speakers answering the same question. These activities are designed to aid in comprehension as the students can focus more on meaning and language use and choices rather than overall comprehension. Also, each audio clip is short, usually only fifteen to thirty seconds so listening tasks are more manageable.

New Center: These activities are short, animated news stories. Students listen to a newscast about various stories and then answer questions related to the reports. These activities are the only scripted language on the site and use more academic words than the other activities.

Games: These are short audio clips that require the student to select a picture based on the audio. These tasks focus on listening mainly for gist. Students should start by doing the flash game at the top and then play the audio below ( above the text ) and read the script and take the quiz for deeper understanding. Most of these activities are monologues but some are dialogues.

Scenes: These are short series' that focus on the interactions of two characters. Students can follow the series by watching an audio slide show. Like the previous activities, these tasks come with vocabulary support, a quiz, and downloadable audio.

Audio Notes: Most activities come with audio notes, which are short explanations of key terms or interesting language from the activity. The audio notes often focus on language that is colloquial, figurative, or new to the students. Many of the notes describes how sets of words can make one meaning as in figurative language ("I a at wit's end"), phrasal verbs ("tune out, pick on, get over, etc"), low frequency academic words ("deteriorate, elaborate, congeal, etc"), and filler words ("You know, Get out of here, Just a sec, etc"). There are over 2500 words with downloadable audio on the site. Each audio explanation is about 30 seconds in length and contains model pronunciation, a referenced sample from the activity, a brief explanation, and two more example.


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