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Listen to this conversation featuing idioms about money.


Money makes the world go round.

A: I hate politicians. All these politicians are corrupt.
B: Yeah, they are all in the pocket of business.
A: No doubt! You can't be a politician unless you have big donors.
B: I know. Sadly, money makes the world go round.

Money to burn!

A: Hey, I like your new shoes. They look expensive.
B: They were, but Bob bought them for me.
A: Really, that was nice of him.
B: Yeah, he just got his bonus, so he has money to burn.

Money Pit

A: How is your new house?
B: Good, but it is so expensive. There are so many extra costs.
A: Yeah, homes can turn into a money pit real quick.
B: You're telling me!

Pour money down the drain

A: Wow! You have so many books. You read a lot!
B: I do, but I have only read about half of them.
A: Why do you buy books you don't read?
B: I know, it's terrible.
A: Yeah, you are just pouring money down the drain.

Burn through money

A: How was your vacation in Tokyo?
B: Fun, but it was so expensive.
A: I know. It is so easy to burn through money in Tokyo.
B: Yeah, we spent way too much.

Put money away for a rainy day.

A: Are you good at saving money?
B: Not bad, but I try. What about you?
A: Yeah, I try to save when I can.
B: Yeah, it's always good to put something away for a rainy day.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

money makes the world go round


This phrase, money makes the world go round, means that money has a great influence on the world and that most things happen because of money.

It also means that usually only rich people or greedy people control the world.


money to burn


Having money to burn is a good thing because it means you have extra money and you are happy to spend it.

People might have money to burn after they get paid, or get a big bonus or come into extra money.

money pit


A money pit is something that costs a lot of money because spending is out of control. A pit is a hole in the ground, so this phrase refers to throwing money in a pit and never seeing it again.

We often say a house is a money pit becuase sometimes a house has many unexpected expenses.

pour money down the drain


This phrase, pour money down the drain, means that you are wasting money and spending more than you should.

It also refers to spending money on things you do not use.


burn through money


This phrase, burn through money, means that you are spending more money than you would like to or you planned to. It refers to having unplanned expenses.


Note that money to burn means the opposite, that you have extra money to spend. We also sometimes say my money is burning a hole in my pocket which has a similar meaning.

save money for a rainy day


This phrase, save money for a rainy day, just means that it is important to save money becuase you never know when you are going to need it in the future.


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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
world • burn • through • rainy • pit • drain
  1. You are pouring money down the .
  2. She sure does burn money.
  3. My house is a money .
  4. Always save money for a day.
  5. Money really does make the go round.
  6. She has money to .