Grammar | High Beginner 3

Present Simple

Listen to four short conversations using the present simple tense.

Conversation #1
Todd: What do you do?
Katie: I work at a tech company.
Todd: Oh, what do you do there?
Katie: I design software.
Todd: Do you like your job?
Katie: Yeah, I enjoy it.

Conversation #2
Todd: Do you work here?
Katie: Yes, I do.
Todd: Where do I pay my bill?
Katie: You pay it over there.
Todd: Do I need to show ID?
Katie: I don’t think you do.

Conversation #3
Todd: What do your parents do?
Katie: They both work in sales.
Todd: Oh, what do they sell?
Katie: They both sell cars. They have a car dealership together.
Todd: Do they like it?
Katie: Yes, but they work long hours.

Conversation #4
Todd: Where do you live?
Katie: I live downtown with my family.
Todd: Nice, do you live in an apartment or house?
Katie: I live in a house, but we need more space.
Todd: Do you want to move?
Katie: Yes, we want to move to the countryside.

Simple Present + WH Questions

We use the present simple to talk about actions that happen on a regular basis.

(Q) What do you do?
(A) I work at home.
(N) I don’t work in an office.

(Q) When do you get to work?
(A) I get to work at 8.
(N) I don’t arrive until 8:30.

(Q) Where do go on the weekend?
(A) I play soccer in the park.
(N) I don’t stay at home.

(Q) Who do you talk to every day?
(A) I talk with my friends.
(N) I don’t talk with my sister.

(Q) How do you get to work?
(A) I drive to work.
(N) I do not take the bus.

Simple Present + Y/N Questions

(Q) Do you live close to here?
(A) Yes, I live down the street.
(N) No, I live far away.

Short Answers
(A) Yes, I do.
(N) No, I don’t.

Answer the following questions about the interview.