Grammar | High Beginner 3


Listen to four conversations using contractions in spoken English.

Conversation #1
Todd: What’s Bob doing?
Katie: He’s working outside. He’s cutting the grass?
Todd: Isn’t he playing tennis today?
Katie: No, he isn’t. His partner can’t play today.
Todd: Oh, that’s too bad.
Katie: Yeah, he isn’t happy about it.

Conversation #2
Todd: Who’s Mary talking to?
Katie: She’s talking with Joe.
Todd: What are they talking about?
Katie: They’re discussing the upcoming party.
Todd: Isn’t that next week?
Katie: No, it’s next month.

Conversation #3
Todd: What are we having for dinner?
Katie: I’m making fried rice.
Todd: That’s not very healthy?
Katie: Well, you’re welcome to make dinner yourself?
Todd: No, no, I’m not complaining. That’s fine.
Katie: Well, I’m glad you agree.

Conversation #4
Todd: What’re you doing?
Katie: I’m going to the park.
Todd: I thought we’re going shopping.
Katie: Oops. I’m sorry. I forgot.
Todd: It’s OK. Do you still want to go?
Katie: Yeah! I’m game if you are.

Grammar Focus

I am / I’m / I’m not
(Q) What are you doing?
(A) I’m playing tennis.
(N) I’m not doing anything.
(N) I ain’t doing anything (slang)

You are / You’re / You’re not / You aren’t
(Q) Where am I going?
(A) You’re going home.
(N) You’re not going to work
(N) You aren’t going to work.

He is / He’s / He’s not / He isn’t
(Q) What is he doing?
(A) He’s working.
(N) He’s not working.
(N) He isn’t working.

She is / She’s / She isn’t / She’s not
(Q) When is she leaving.
(A) She’s leaving tomorrow.
(N) She’s not leaving until tomorrow.
(N) She isn’t leaving today.

It is / It’s / It’s not / It isn’t
(Q) Is it working?
(A) It’s working.
(N) It’s not working.
(N) It isn’t working.

They are / They’re / They’re not / They aren’t
(Q) What are they doing?
(A) They’re talking.
(N) They aren’t talking.
(N) They’re not talking.

We are / We’re / We’re not / We aren’t
(Q) What are we buying?
(A) We’re buying a car.
(N) We aren’t buying a car.
(N) We’re not buying a car.

Answer the following questions about the interview.