Grammar | High Beginner 3

One / Some

Listen to four conversations using various forms of pronouns.

Conversation #1
Todd: Do you have a bike I can borrow?
Katie: Yeah, I have one, but it’s very old.
Todd: Does it run well?
Katie: Yeah, it works, but it might need a new tire.
Todd: You know, I think I have one in the garage.
Katie: Perfect. Then you are all set.

Conversation #2
Todd: Would you like a cookie?
Katie: I would love one!
Todd: Did you make them yourself?
Katie: No, I bought them at the store.
Todd: They look delicious.
Katie: Oh, I hope you enjoy them.

Conversation #3
Todd: Do you have a pen I can use?
Katie: Yes, you can use this one.
Todd: Thanks, I will give it right back.
Katie: That’s OK.. You can keep it.
Todd: Oh, I just need it for a bit.
Katie: Really, keep it. I never use that one anyway.

Conversation #4
Todd: Do you have any paper clips?
Katie: There are some at my desk.
Todd: I’m sorry. I don’t see them.
Katie: Oh, they are in the drawer.
Todd: This one? The top one?
Katie: No, the next one. That one!
Todd: OK, found them. Thanks.

Grammar Focus

Rule: We often use ‘one’ and ‘some’ as object pronouns the first time we refer to something, then switch to ‘it’ and ‘they/them’ after that.

A > One > It

(Q) Do you have an umbrella?
(A) Yes, I have one. It is over there. Take it if you like.

(Q) Do you have a car?
(A) Yes, I bought one last month. It is old though. I only drive it on weekends.

-S > Some > They > Them

(Q) Do you have any chairs?
(A) Yes, there are some outside. They are on the deck. You can bring them inside.

Answer the following questions about the interview.