Grammar | High Beginner 3

Ordering in a Restaurant

Listen to a conversation between a waiter and a customer in a restaurant.

A Watier talks with a Customer.

W: Hello, can I help you?
C: Yes, can I get a table for one?
W: Sure, where would you like sit?
C: Can I sit by the window?
W: Certainly. I’ll be with you in a moment.

W: Hello, are you ready to order?
C: Yes, I think so.
W: Great. What would you like to order?
C: I’d like the chicken salad.
W: OK, would you like dressing with that?
C: Yes, what kind do you have?
W: We have ranch and sesame.
C: I’ll have the ranch?
W: And what would you like to drink?
C: I’d like an ice tea please.
W: Would you like sugar with that?
C: No thank. Just straight tea.
W: Would you like anything else?
C: No, that is all for now. Thanks.

W: Here is your salad and your tea.
C: Great, thanks.
W: Can I get you anything else?
C: No, I am fine thanks.
W: Great. Enjoy your meal.

W: How is everything so far?
C: Great. This salad is really good.
W: Good. I am glad to hear that. Would you like some dessert?
C: What do you have?
W: We have cheesecake and ice cream.
C: What flavor ice cream?
W: Vanilla and Chocolate.
C: You know, I’d like to but I’ll pass.
Can you just bring the bill?
W: Right away.

W: Here is your bill. Take your time.
C: No, I am ready to go. Here you go.
You can keep the change.
W: Thanks so much. Have a nice day

Grammar Focus

Notice the various ways to reply to a question from the waiter in a restaurant.

What would you like to order?
I’d like the pasta.
I’ll take the paste.
Can I have the pasta?
Can I get the pasta?

What would you like to drink?
I’d like an iced tea.
I’ll have an iced tea.
Can I get the iced tea?

Would you like ice with that?
Yes, please.
That would be great.
I would, thanks.

Would you like anything for dessert?
No, thanks.
I’m fine thanks.
Maybe later.

Would you like anything else?
That’s all for now.
Not at the moment.
No, I’m good thanks.

Answer the following questions about the interview.