Grammar 5-1 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Coordinating Conjunctions

Using coordinating conjunctions (and, but, so, or, nor, for, yet).
Conversation #1

A: I like this soup, it’s so yum, yet healthy.
B: It is good, but it is high in sodium.
A: Yeah, but it has lots of veggies.
B: True but it not cheap, nor easy to make.
A: OK, don’t you like it.
B: I do. I am just being honest.

Conversation #2

A: Where will you go for summer?
B: I am not sure yet.
A: I will go to the beach or the lake.
B: I would go, but my son has school.
A: He has school in summer.
B: Yeah, he has to go to school this summer or he will not graduate.

Conversation #3

A: What will you do tomorrow?
B: I have to work, but I finish early.
A: I don’t work, so I will go somewhere.
B: Where will you go?
A: I think to the forest, for the leaves are changing colors now.
B: Well have a good time and take lots of pictures.

Conversation #4

A: Do you go out much?
B: No, I don’t drink and I don’t like crowds.
A: Yeah, me too, but I hate staying home.
B: So what do you do? Watch movies?
A: No, I don’t like movies, nor do I like TV shows, so I tend to read a lot.
B: Sounds boring, but to each his own.

Coordinating Conjunctions

Learn about coordinating conjunctions (and, but, so, for, or, nor, yet) with this printable grammar lesson.

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