Grammar 5-3 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Subordinating Conjunctions - Reasons

Using subordinating conjunctions (because, even though, although) to show reasons.
Conversation #1

A: Why did you go home early yesterday?
B: I left early because I was sick.
A: Well, since you were not here, I can’t pay you.
B: I understand, although I did work from home.
A: Oh, you did.
B: Yes, I can show you my work.

Conversation #2

A: I love the spring because the weather’s so cool.
B: I do too, even though I don’t like rainy weather, and it always rains a lot.
A: Yeah, and I sometimes get allergies.
B: Me too, although it hasn’t been bad this year.
A: It has because of El Nino I think.
B: Maybe, although who knows?

Conversation #3

A: Let’s go to the store as it closes soon.
B: When does it close?
A: It closes at ten because it’s Sunday.
B: Let’s go then since it’s already 5:30.
A: Sounds good. Should I drive?
B: No, I will since you drive slow.

Conversation #4

A: Can I use your iPad?
B: Yeah, sure. It’s over there.
A: Can I use it record a short video?
B: Sure, what are filming?
A: Well, even though I am a terrible cook, I’m making a cooking video for my son.
B: Fun! Since you’re doing that, can I be in it too?
Guy: Sure, as you wish.

Subordinating Conjuntions (2)

Learn about subordinating conjunctions for reason (because, since, even though, while, etc.) with this printable grammar lesson.

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