Grammar 5-5 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Correlative Conjunctions

Listen to short conversations using correlative conjunctions.
Conversation #1

A: Is Bob coming to the party?
B: Yes, both he and his wife are coming.
A: What about Joe and his wife?
B: Neither Joe nor his wife can make it.
A: Oh, that’s too bad.
B: Yeah, it is rare when all of us are together.

Conversation #2

A: What can I use to make a website?
B: I would use either Blogger or Wordpress.
A: Which one is better?
B: It depend whether you are making a simple site or a complex site.
A: I am making a simple site.
B: Then I would use Blogger.

Conversation #3

A: Do know whether Jack or Sally will give the next presentation?
B: It will be Sally I think.
A: Why not Jack, or Jim for that matter?
B: Both Jack and Jim are not as experienced as Sally.
A: True, they are both newbies.
B: Yeah, they will be ready to do it soon.

Conversation #4

A: I hear both Jill and Sue will quit soon.
B: What will they do?
A: I am not sure. I think they will either get a new job or go back to school.
B: I am really going to miss Jill.
A: Yeah, neither the office nor the company outings will be the same without her.
B: So true!

Correlative Conjuntions

Learn about correlative conjunctions (and ... but, not only ... but also, either ... or, neither ... or) with this printable grammar lesson.

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