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  • Views Complete lessons of interviews with English speakers.
  • Video One Minute English - Learn English in sixty seconds!
  • Mixer Six people from around the world answer one question.
  • Games Learn English playing the listenig game SixPix!
  • News Center Animated news segment with academic English.
  • Step Listening and reading test prep activities


Complete lessons of interviews with English speakers. Over 1400 lessons to choose from. Full Lesson List >>

1350 In the Club
1404 Perfect Candidate
Gilda talks about beauty.

1384 Stay-at-home Moms
1384 Stay-at-home Moms
Going from work to home

1381 Rodeo Rider
1381 Rodeo Rider
Being a woman in the rodeo

1378 Freaky Foods
1378 Freaky Foods
Foods we hate to eat.


One Minute English - Learn English in sixty seconds! Over 700 video lessons to choose from. Full Lesson List >>

Mixer 21Lucille
Video 1423
What foods do you love?
Mixer 21Danu
Video 1422
Were you naughty as a child?
Mixer 21Diego Silvia
Video 1421
Are you good with children?


Six people from around the world answer one question. Interactive activities included. Full Lesson List >>

MX 100 English Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 100 Learning English
Some elllo speakers on elllo share their secret to English.
MX 99 Cooking Mixer
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Mixer 99 Cooking
Several people discuss if they enjoy cooking.
MX 98 Shopping Mixer
UN Flag
Mixer 98 Shopping
Six people discuss how often they go shopping.
MX 97 Disaster Mixer
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Mixer 97 Natural Disaster
Several people discuss being in natural disasters.
MX 96 Dancing Mixer
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Mixer 96 Dancing
Several people discuss if they enjoy getting their groove on.


Students can play SixPix by listening to audio and choosing the correct image. Lots of fun. Full Lesson List >>

UN Flag
SixPix 75 Vietnam
Hoa shares places travelers should visit in Vietnam.
64 DjiBouti Jinwei
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SixPix 74 Best of Singapore
JIngwei talks about the the dishes from her island.
64 DjiBouti Jeff
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SixPix 73 What NOT to pack!
Jeff shares what you shouldn't bring on a trip.
64 DjiBouti Nydja
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SixPix 71 Kids Play
Nydja talks about some of the games she liked to play.

News Center

Students can watch an animated newscast and answer questions about the reports. Full Lesson List >>

News #1 Oil Spill
News about an oil spill, a theft, a long walk, taxes and a new book.
News #2 Lost Baby
News about a baby, an explosion, a school, a play, and a pigeon.
News #3 Dogs
News about dogs, trains, water, a prize, sports, and weather.
News #4 Town Attack
News about an attack, pubs, a flood, a walk, shopping and weather.
News #5 Bus Crash
News about a crash, a parade, a butterfly, a criminal, and apples.



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Sep 17 - Going Paleo
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Word Jumble

Practice basic grammar and word order.
1395 Having Roommates
1390 Using AirBnB
1385 First Jobs

Grammar Puzzle

Practice linking phrases and words.
1396 Lifestyle Options
1391 Love in France
1386 Working in Television

Right Word

Practice function words like conjunctions and prepositions.
1400 Brush and Shave
1399 Shower Schedule
1394 Is College Worth It?

Synonym Swap

Learn words with similar meanings and uses.
1397 Introverts and Extroverts
1392 SoMe Love
1387 The Perfect Schedule


Learn word forms and grammar tenses.
1389 Expensive City
1384 Stay-at-home Moms

Word Ears

Work on spelling, reading skills, word collocations.
1398 Power of Personality
1388 Fast-Paced Life
1383 Macho Women