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How long has been playing basketball?

a) Over 30 years
b) Over 13 years
c) Over 20 years
When did he start playing?
a) Elementary school
b) High School
c) Sometime in college
What is his usual position?
a) Center
b) Forward
c) Guard
How does he follow the NBA?
a) TV
b) Radio
c) Internet
How often does he play now?
a) Every day
b) Once a week
c) Never

OK, Conrad!
You're quite the jock!
Thanks Todd.
Yeah. So, we're gonna talk about sports
What sports do you like?
Well, I like a lot of sports, but basketball is my favorite. Definitely.
Oh, really!
OK. How long have you been playing basketball?
Ah, let's see! Probably about thirty years. I'm thirty seven now and
I think I was in elementary school when I started to play at first.

At what age were you your best?
Ah, let's see! Probably around 20 maybe. Sometime when I was in college. Yeah!
What position did you play when you played basketball?
Uh, guard. Guard. A little bit of forward, depending on what kind of team I was playing on.
Yeah, were you mainly an offensive or defensive player?
Ah, defensive. Yeah.
OK. Do you still watch a lot of basketball on TV?
Well, now living in Japan I don't get, um, get many chances to watch the NBA
but I do follow it on the internet.

OK. Do you still play basketball?
Yeah. Yeah. I play about once a week with my...at the university I work at....with the club team there.
OK. Great. Alright. Thanks a lot Conrad.
S ure. No problem Todd.

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