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What is big?

a) China
b) A mountain
c) The ocean
What is expensive?
a) Gucci clothes
b) Diamonds
c) French wines
What is cheap?
a) Fast food
b) The clothes I buy
c) Nothing these days
What is difficult?
a) Losing weight
b) Getting rich
c) Learning a language
What is easy?
a) Breathing
b) Speaking English
c) Running
Fill in the missing words

OK, Cat we're gonna talk about opposites.
Ah, what is big?
A mountain.
OK. Have you ever climbed a mountain?
A small one.
OK. Where was it?
Ah, in Australia.
OK. How long did it take to climb the mountain?
Ah, well maybe it wasn't really a mountain, more like a hill.
It took about two and a half hours.

OK. Oh, great. What is small?
A mouse.
Yeah, a mouse is small. What is expensive?
Gucci clothes.
Gucci clothes. Do you have any Gucci clothes?
In my dreams.
In your dreams. OK. How much does a Gucci bag cost? An original one?
I have no idea. Much more money than I would ever have.
OK. Ah, what is cheap?
The clothes that I buy.
Well, you look very nice today!
Thank you.
OK..um..OK..well..how much were your trousers?
In English money?
Um..they we're maybe about thirty pounds.
Thiry pounds! OK. What is difficult? What is something difficult to do?
Mmm..learning a language.
Yeah, can you speak any foreign languages?
I can speak very basic French and German.
OK. What is easy? What is easy to do?
Mm..easy to do! That's a difficult question.
I don't know..Ah..Something that is easy to do..go running.
Running. Yeah. That's true. Thanks.
Question and Response

Q1: What...?

Q2: Is...?

Q3: Is...?

Q4: Do...?

Q5: How...?