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How tall is her mom ?

a) 5'
b) 5' 2"
c) 5' 6"
Who is more talkative?
a) Her mom
b) Her dad
c) They are both
Who is very big?
a) Her dad
b) Her brother
c) Her sister
Who does she look like?
a) Her mom
b) Her dad
c) Both
When will she see them again?
a) January
b) March
c) April


Let's see. My mom is three years older than my dad, and they are like night and day.
My mom is 5 foot 4, on a good day, 5 foot 2, I think in real life, and she is very
sweet and very nice, and very caring, and very cute, everybody tells her how young she looks,
and how she resembles my sister, perhaps. My father is very much completely opposite that.
He is a very big man, very loud, very funny, very boistrous. He makes friends no matter where he goes.
For example, sometimes he goes to Florida and makes all sorts of good friends. He'll just go off.
He's kind of a magnent to people, and so my parents are completely opposite, and they compliment
each other very well. My dad has a very good sense of humor. My mom is very gentle. Very nice.
When is the last time you talked to you parents?
Um, I talked to them probably about two weeks ago. Yeah, everything is going well.
Are you going to see them soon?
I am going to go home after the holidays and we're going to have a Christmas kind of
in January or February. Yeah, depending on when my brother can come in.
OK. And who are you more like, your mother or your father?
I think I have traits of both, actually. I look more like my mother, except that I am
about a foot taller. Yeah, I resemble my mom more. I think I have both of the
characteristics of my mom and dad.
OK. Great. Thanks.

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