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the photo to see the answer to the question.

Who played professional baseball?

a) His father
b) His grandfather
c) His uncle
What team did he play for?
a) The Mets
b) The Yankees
c) The Giants
When did Kevin stop playing baseball?
a) Little league
b) High school
c) University
What sport does he like now?
a) Judo
b) Tennis
c) Sumo
Where does he offer to take Todd?
a) A baseball game
b) A tennis match
c) A sumo match

OK. Kevin, we're back here in the forest. Um, we're gonna talk about sports.
OK. Great. I love sports.
Ah, what sports do you like?
Well, my favorite sport is, uh, baseball, obviously, uh, I grew up and my father was a baseball player,
so I was always around baseball.

My whole life.
You mean your father was a, uh, player in the Major Leagues.
Yeah, exactly. Um, and not only was he a player in the Major Leagues, he was fortunate enough
to play in the World Series twice with the New York Mets.

Wow. That's amazing.
Yeah, The Amazing Met's. 1969.
Wow, that's great. Did you play baseball yourself?
Yeah, I played baseball, uh, pretty much my whole life up through college and university.
OK. Why did you stop?
Well, uh, it wasn't exactly by choice. I wasn't drafted high enough in professional baseball to,
in order for me to sign, so, uh, I ended up, uh, retiring from baseball and persuing other things

OK. Great. Um, do you like any others sports?
Yeah. I actually, I enjoy all competition. You know I enjoy the, the other typical American sports
of basketball and American football and so on, but I also try to learn about and enjoy the,
the national sport of the countries that I'm in. For example now I'm in Japan and I've actually uh
gotten quite into Sumo wrestling.

Oh, really.
Nice. Have you ever seen a sumo match live?
Yes, I have. I've been to two sumo, uh, bashos as they call them, or matches in Tokyo.
Nice. Yeah, I wanna go, I wanna go myself
Yeah! Let's go sometime.
OK. Let's do it.

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