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What kind of music does he not like?

a) Classical
b) Rap
c) Country
How much is a new CD?
a) 12 dollars
b) 22 dollars
c) 20 dollars
How much is a used CD?
a) Less than $4
b) More than $4
c) Between $1 and $20
Does he play anything?
a) No, nothing
b) The guitar
c) The drums
Does he sing in the shower?
a) Yes, of course
b) No never
c) It is a secret

OK. Matt, we're back. We're gonna talk about music.
What is your favorite kind of music?
My favorite kind of music is alternative music.
But generally I like all types of music, apart
from country music.

I'm the same way. I hate country, except for Johny Cash
Yeah, yeah. The older country is good. But the newer, I don't like the newer

Yeah, how expensive are CD's in your country?
Well, a brand new CD is probably between about 15 and 20 dollars, yeah,
but you can find used CD's from anything to a dollar to, you know,
20 dollars, I guess, depending, depending on the CD. So you can find
cheap CD's.

Wow, that's pretty cheap. Do you play a musical instrument?
No, I don't, although when I was a kid I played the piano and a
little bit of the quitar, but I've long since forgotten all of that

Usually, you pick up the guitar and you don't
stop playing it.
There was no talent.
Do you go to concerts?
I go, I really enjoy going to concerts, but I like to go to small venues. Small shows.
I don't like those big stadium shows where you need binoculars just to see the stage.

Yeah, I agree. And the last question, most importantly, do you sing in the shower?
Of course I do, yeah! Every chance I get.
Wow, what kind of songs do you sing?
Oh, wow! I guess anything that's in my head, the last thing I heard
I guess.

Can you sing something right now?
I don't think so. This isn't a shower.
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