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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

Where did she first dive?

a) Japan
b) Thailand
c) Australia
What did she do which she was not supposed to do?
a) Take off her mask
b) Explore on her own
c) Go up to the top
What was her buddy looking at?
a) Fish
b) Sharks
c) Shipwreck
Who was her buddy?
a) Paul
b) Tim
c) Graham
Does Nicola still dive?
a) Never
b) Sometimes
c) Not now

Nicola, you were talking to us the other day that you went diving in Australia.
That's right I did.
Wow, so what was it like?
Well, actually it was quite scary to be honest. When I first started I did an
introductory course, which was just maybe like two days. And so they just sent
you out with all of the equipment, put you in the sea, and guided you, but then
when I did the real course we started in the swimming pool, which was fine and it
was all great fun, although there were two men on my course who completely freaked
out and had to leave.

Yeah! so that was fine but then they took us out to sea which was a bit different.
Yeah, because they made us set up our own equipment, I mean they still checked us and
everything so we didn't die, but we had to put on our own equipment. We had a
diving buddy who I was with, and I was with my friend Graham, who I was traveling
with anyway, and we went down into the sea. We went down maybe fifteen meters.
And they always say like 'Don't Panic' just keep breathing normally and everything.
But I did kind of panic
a bit.

Oh, no!
So then I rose to the surface really quickly, which you know, you're not supposed to do
in diving. So I went up really quickly. Luckily we weren't deep enough to do any damage
but my diving buddy Graham was having a great time down there looking at shipwrecks
and didn't even notice that I was missing.

What a terrible guy!
Yeah, I know. so, then...
Wow! Did they fail him? I hope he failed the course?
No, he passed. He paid enough money. He passed.
But it meant that I couldn't go diving for the rest of the day cause I had gone
down quite deep, so that was a shame, but...

That's terrible. But you didn't hurt yourself, you didn't come up to fast?
No, I was fine in the end, but it was a shame because that was the end of my diving day.
But we had a few more days to do it.

So now you are comfortable diving. You don't freak out anymore?
I don't freak out anymore, but I couldn't go diving now on my own because it has been so
long. Yeah!
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