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What is different about Western flower arrangement?

a) Nothing
b) The vase
c) The number of flowers
What is important for Ikebana?
a) The colors
b) The vase
c) The space
What do you wipe in the tea ceremony?
a) The floor
b) The bowl
c) Your face
How many cloths are there?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
Where can you learn Ikebana or Tea Ceremony?
a) Your family
b) Books
c) Special schools

Yes, Ikebana, it's an art of flowers and it's quite different from Western style
flower arrangement because in Ikebana's theory you can decorate one flower, only
with one flower.
Oh, really!
And it's, the flower arrangement in Japan is not only decorating flowers but it's
an art with flowers and space.
I see.
The air between the flowers and also the room, and everything, it shows the space
or even the universe, and that.
What's another Japanese art?
Japanese art? Mm, Ikebana! Tea Ceremony!
Tea Ceremony!
Tea Ceremony!
Tea Ceremony! Tell me about Tea Ceremony.
Tea Ceremony! It's, there's a certain way you have to make tea, not only
make tea, there's a certain way to for example wipe a bowl.
I see.
Yes, with one piece of cloth, and you need to learn how to fold the cloth so that you
you use each part of the cloth only once to wipe the bowl

Yeah, so it's a complicated traditional procedure in a sense but..
How do you learn that? Is that something that your mother would teach you?
How do people learn that?
There's some professionals for both flower arrnagement and tea ceremony.
So you need to go to a school, yes, and learn from your teacher and their
heirarchy and the organization and you need to pass each test to go, climb up
the ladder in the heirarchy.

I see. Fantastic.
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