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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


Where is David from?

a) Texas
b) Seattle
c) Tennessee
What is his nickname?
a) Jack
b) Daniel
c) Tennessee
What famous person is from his state?
a) Daniel Boone
b) Bill Clinton
c) Elvis Presley
Why do people not call him David?
a) He hates his name
b) There are many David's
c) He does not know
How many other David's was he working with?
a) none
b) at least two
c) more the four

Hello, Seattle!
Hello, Seattle! OK, well, how about could you introduce yourself to the listener?
Oh, Hi! I'm David. I'm from Tennessee. The home of Jack Daniel's whiskey and Elvis Presley.
Do you like Elvis?
He's OK.
Yeah! Cool!
Never met the guy, but..
Your name is David
Yes, that is correct.
But what does everyone call you here?
OK. Why does everyone call you Tennessee?
Ah, two reasons. One, I'm from Tennessee, the most obvious and the third is because
usually there is two to three, one time there was four Davids here.

Oh, I see.
And to keep us from getting confused they just started calling me Tennessee
Oh, nice. Great. Well it was nice to meet you, David.
Nice to meet you too, Todd.

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