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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


When is he going home?

a) Today
b) Tomorrow
c) The day after tomorrow
How long was he in Japan?
a) One week
b) ten days
c) two weeks
Why did he come to Japan?
a) Learn Ikebana
b) Learn Japanese
c) Study martial arts
How long has he been practicing?
a) 18 days
b) 18 months
c) 18 years
What does he do back home?
a) Buy buildings
b) Make buildings
c) Repair buildings

Todd: Hey, Victor, I hear you're going home tomorrow.

Victor: Yes, I am.

Todd: Ah, that's too bad.....So how long have you been here?

I've been here for two weeks.

Todd: I'm sorry, I was never sure. Why did you come to Japan?

Victor: Came to Japan to study martial arts. Budo-Jujitsu is the art that we study.

Todd: Oh! OK, cool! So are like a black belt?
Victor: Yes, yes!
Victor: Todd: Oh, really! Wow, how long have you been doing your martial arts?
I've been studying this art for about 18 years I guess.
Victor: Really!
A long time.
That's a long time. You're a young looking guy. You like 18 years.
Well, I'm an old guy.
Well, so when you go back to the states you also train
Yes, yes! We have a group that we train in martial arts there
as sort of a hobby. It's sort of a way of life also. But I have a real
job. I'm a civil engineer.

So, actually what does a civil engineer do?
In america a civil engineer designs things. In my case, I work on
buildings, buildings that have structural problems, and I work on
repair plans.

OK. Sounds like a tough job.
Ah, it's OK. It's interesting. All buildings need repairs and it's fun.
Great, thanks a lot, Victor. Have a safe trip tomorrow.
Well, thank you very much.