Mega Set

Listen to over 1200 audio conversation featuring native English speakers and International English speakers from around the world. These conversations feature real, authentic English about a variety of topics like travel, sports, culture, food, and many more! Here is what you get with the package:

  • Over 1200 Audio Lessons
  • Conversations from lessons 1 to 1200 on elllo!
  • 75 conversations from the Mixer Series.
  • Over 200 Printable Worksheets!

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Views Audio Conversations

Listen and download the audio from lessons 1 to 400 on These audio files are perfect for students and teachers who want to listen offline. Teachers can download the audio and use them in class. Students can download the audio and listen offline. Students can easily import the audio into thier smartphone!

Mixer Audio Conversations

The Mixer series is one of the most popular activities on In these activities, six people answer the same question. These audio tasks are fun listening activities and good for all levels! Because all the speakers answer the same question, it is easy for students to get the gist of the conversation.

1200 Printable Lessons

All of the Views Conversations and Mixer lessons come with a transcript and bonus quiz in a printable PDF. What is really speacial about these worksheets is that students can access the audio online with a smartphone and QR code reader (which they can download free from the iTunes store or Google Play).

Extensive Listening

Studies show that students who do extensive listening and reading learn language faster than students who do not do extensive listening or reading. What is extensive learning? It is simply listening or reading large amounts of language just for meaning, not for grammar or written activities.

The audio files (and worksheets) are perfect for teachers and students looking for extensive materials. With 400 plus lesssons in each pack, there are hours and hours of materials for students to access.

These lessons come at one very low price. Most textbooks offer only about 20 lessons per book. With this collection students can access over 400 lessons that they can access in paper or digital format.

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Meet the Teacher

My name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher in Japan. I created this audio collection to help students improve their English in a fun, easy way. These lessons are designed to help students and teachers save time, money, and energy in their English lessons.

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