Listening Level Up Course

Students can increase their English language skills by listening to 180 audio lessons from Beginner to Advanced levels. Students can listen to natural conversations featuring speakers from around the world. These lesson comes with printable worksheets with answer key, and supplementary vocabulary lessons.

Audio Lessons

Listen to real conversations from a variety of topics. By listening to authentic English, students can learn how speakers talk in a natural conversation. Each lesson is between one and five minutes long, so students can study in short sessions, and not feel bored.

Printable Lessons

Study Offline! These lessons are perfect as worksheets for homework, in-class tasks, self-study, and portfolio creation. Even though elllo focuses on listening, many students and teachers use the lessons for extensive reading and vocabulary lesson as well.

Speaking of vocabulary ...

Bonus Vocabulary Audio

Learn vocabulary quickly with audio notes in MP3. Students and teachers can access the special MP3 versions that come with images and text to aid in listening. Each mini-lesson takes only 30 seconds but uses the target language at least five times and gives clear examples on how to use the words.

60 USD value for just $25


Todd Beuckens
ESL Teacher and EDTEC Specialist
MA San Diego State - Learning, Design & Technology
CELTA Teacher with 20 Years Teaching Experience

60 USD value for just $25

Audio Samples

Level 2 - Beginner

John and Sarah talk about their morning routines.

Level 3 - High Beginner

Mari talks about food she likes with Ron.

Level 4 - Low Intermediate

Adam and Sarah talk about regrets and doing things over.

Level 5 - Intermediate

Todd talks about four types of students.

Level 6 - High Intermediate

Julia talks about biking across Cambodia.

Level 7 - Advanced

Dan talks about doing business in Asia.

What is ELLLO?

Welcome to elllo, which stands for ...

English Language Listening Library Online.

My name is Todd Beuckens and I am an ESL teacher in Japan. I created ELLLO to help students (and teachers) access listening lessons featuring natural English.

Got a question? Ask me here.