Doron / England flaf Pernais / Jamaica flaf

1401 What sports do you like to watch?

Pernais: Hello, I’m Pernais from Jamaica.

Doron: And I’m Doron from England.

Pernais: Ah, the question is, “What sports do you like to watch?”

Doron: Nah, I prefer playing sports. Uhm, I play nearly anything but I also love to watch sports. My favorite sport to watch is football cause I’m a big Footy fan, but I watch nearly anything, even baseball, but only if there’s cheap beer. What about you, do you like watching sports?

Pernais: I love to watch sports. I’m too lazy to play any of them, but I really love to watch.

Doron: You have a favorite?

Pernais: Yes, I really, really love to watch football as well, something about hot guys chasing after a football. It’s very exciting to watch.

Doron: That’s what they do, they’re just chasing after.

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