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When do you like to dress up?

Gaew - Micky: Hello

Micky: You’re tuning to I’m Micky from Nigeria and..

Gaew: I’m Gaew from Thailand.

Micky: So we’re talking about today is dressing up. So Gaew, what do you think about the topic?

Gaew: When do you like to dress up?

Micky: Yes.

Gaew:: For me, I usually dress up whenever I feel like to.

Micky: Wow, that is nice.

Gaew: Yeah.

Micky: For me, I totally feel like anytime I’m going out is good for me to dress up. That’s what I feel.

Gaew: So you dress up everytime you go out?

Micky: I guess, most of the times.

Gaew: Uhm, well, I usually dress up yeah, as I said, everytime that I feel like to. But there’s time I don’t feel like dressing up. I just go out with like T-shirt and jeans.

Micky: Wow.

Gaew: But when I feel like dressing up it means like when you dress up, you make yourself feel good.

Micky: Yes. So, what kind of attires you like dressing up in? Probably your traditional clothing or the western ones?

Gaew: It’s mostly it is western. My traditional clothes is too easy-going. It’s not dressing up.

Micky: Wow, that means it takes time to dress western?

Gaew: No, it just go easy like uhm, the top and the bottom so I don’t think I can go somewhere far more with that.

Micky: Okay, but as for me, I think I feel easy and nice dressing in my own traditional clothes. Yeah, that’s it.

Gaew: Uhm, yeah. Bye-bye.

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