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Speaker #825
Have you ever had a cat?
Speaker #824
How much would you spend on a hotel?
Speaker #823
Where do you shop for bargains?
Speaker #822
Are you a beach bum?
Speaker #821
Is your country multicultural?
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Speaker #820
Do you prefer the city or the country?

Can you remember a bad day?


What is your favorite music band?

Speaker #817
How often do you listen to live music?
Speaker #816
Do you want to be a rock star?
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Speaker #815
Who is your favorite singer or artist?
Speaker #814
Have you taken the ferry on a trip?
Speaker #813
Who are popular musicians from your country?
Speaker #812
Would you like to take dance lessons?
Speaker #811
Do you like dancing?
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Speaker #810
Does your country have a traditional dance?
Speaker #809
What is the most dangerous animal in your country?
Speaker #808
What are some wild animals in your area?
Speaker #807
Have you ever camped in the wilderness?
Speaker #806
What is a nice city you've visited?
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Speaker #805
What is your favorite city in Europe?
Speaker #804
Would you rather live in a modern or historical city?
Speaker #803
Do you spend a lot of money on jeans?
Speaker #802
Do you like to wear jeans?
Speaker #801
Are you comfortable living in a cold climate?