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Speaker #850
What is a wedding like in your country?
Speaker #849
Describe a traditional wedding in your country
Speaker #848
What was the last wedding you attended?
Speaker #847
Do you make any New Year's resolutions?
Speaker #846
Do you like to set goals for yourself?
Speaker #845
How is this year going for you?
Speaker #844
How have you changed in the last 12 months?
Speaker #843
When do people give gifts in your country?
Speaker #842
What is the last gift you received?
Speaker #841
What is your favorite holiday?
Speaker #840
What is your favorite holiday?
Speaker #839
Is Santa Claus in your country?
Speaker #838
Did you believe in Santa as a kid?

Is tourism big in your country?

Speaker #836
What is the best way to learn language?
Speaker #835
Would you prefer to study or work abroad?
Speaker #834
Do you eat lots of veggies?
Speaker #833
Do you eat a lot of veggies?
Speaker #832
What do you do to stay healthy?
Speaker #831
Do you like tennis?
Speaker #830
What did you do for fun in high school?
Speaker #829
When do kids have parties in your country?
Speaker #828
Are you afraid of insects?
Speaker #827
What is something you find creepy?
Speaker #826
What pets do you like?