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Speaker #900
Do you give money to friends?
Speaker #899
Do you give to charity?
Speaker #898
What is the best thing about being a woman?
Speaker #896
Do you travel light?
Speaker #895
Would you rather work or study overseas?
Speaker #893
Do you travel light?
Speaker #891
Have you ever had to adjust to a hot climate?
Speaker #890
What charity would you like to donate to?
Speaker #889
What is your national sport?
Speaker #888
What animal is iconic in your country?
Speaker #887
What industries are strong in your economy?
Speaker #886
Do you like tacos?
Speaker #885
Best Beaches?
Speaker #884
Why do boys like video games more than girls?
Speaker #883
Are video games too violent?
Speaker #882
Is text messaging bad for grammar?

Is hunting popular where you live?

Speaker #880
What's your favorite animal at the zoo?
Speaker #879
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Speaker #878
What do you do to save water?
Speaker #877
What do you think about sun bathing?

Would you like to go scuba diving?