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Speaker #925
Do you like outdoor sports, like fishing and hunting?
Speaker #924
Do you do any water sports?
Speaker #923
Is the coastline beautiful in your country?
Speaker #922
What is a good adventure for your country?
Speaker #921
Is deforestation a problem in your country?
Speaker #920
Should cooking be taught in schools?

Where do you usually sit in class?

Speaker #918
How much TV do you watch?
Speaker #917
Do you still read books?
Speaker #916
Do you like dancing?
Speaker #915
Are you a good cook?
Speaker #914
What charity would you like to help?
Speaker #913
Are you ready for a natural disaster?
Speaker #912
Would you like to do speed dating?
David from Kenya #911
What do you think of online dating?
Speaker #910
Do you like going out to bars?
Speaker #909
Are you good at meeting people?
Speaker #908
What do you do to stay fit?
David from Kenya #907
Are you a good cook?
David from Kenya #906
Do you worry about your weight?
Speaker #905
Do you eat fast food?
Speaker #904
What languages are spoken where you live?
Speaker #903
What would you want to see in China?
Speaker #902
Must young people serve in the army in your country?
David from Kenya #901
Would you like to be in the army?