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Enam from Bangladesh #950
What is your favorite season?

What is your least favorite season?

Michael from Singapore #948
Have you ever been in a fight?

What sports do you like to watch?

Michael from Singapore #946
What's the most unique date you have been on?
Speaker #945
What makes a good date?
What is your best Valentine's memory?
Michael from Singapore #943
What big game do you like watch?

Have you ever had a special pet?

Speaker #941
Would you ever adopt a dog off the street?
Speaker #940
What is your favorite food?
Speaker #939
What is your favorite dessert?
Michael from Singapore #938
What is an unusual sport in your country?

Individual Sports vs. Team Sports?


What do you do for New Years?

Speaker #935
What is your favorite holiday?
Speaker #934
Are the holidays stressful for you?
Speaker #933
Do you like the holidays?
Michael from Singapore #932
Were you a naughty student?
Speaker #931
What do you remember most about middle school?
Speaker #930
Do you have many brothers and sisters?
Speaker #929
Is it better to be a younger or older sibling?
Speaker #928
What did you like doing as a kid?
Speaker #927
What sports did you play on the school ground?
Speaker #926
What do you think of fishing?