Interactive Listening Activities

Power Grid Listening Puzzle

Listen for language not just answers with this fun activity for longer listenings!
Power Grid Listenign Activity

Download these free examples!
They work great as class activities, homework ,or self-study.

  1. A2 - Beginner - 1446 - SEA Travels
  2. A2 - Beginner - 1446 - Healthy Diet
  3. B1 - Intermediate - 1438 - Going Local
  4. B1 - Intermediate - 1439 - Sri Lanka
  5. B1 - Intermediate - 1432 - Going to Mars
  6. B2 - Intermediate - 1527 - The Act of Zen
  7. B2 - Intermediate - 1528 - Meditation

How to Play Power Listening Grid

Download the File

From the lesson page download the PPT file. Ss can use the file offline, or online in Office 365 or Google Drive. The file can be converted to a Google Slide but it also works as a PPT in a Drive folder.

Open the Lesson Link

Students need to open up the link to the online lesson. They can dowload the audio or play the audio or video on

How to Use the PPT as a Worksheet

To move the cards, the students need to use the PPT in edit mode, not presentation mode.

Listen and Learn

Student then play the audio and, as they listen, move the cards to the correct time slot. Before students play the audio, it helps to read the language on the cards first.

Check the Answers

Students can check their answers by moving or deleting the cover to the answers on the slides below. For homework, teachers can remove the answer key and then go over the answers after the task is turned in. Teachers can easily share the PPTs in Google Classroom or an LMS like Moodle. The PPTs also work perfectly for Online classes on Zoom. For class settings, both online and on campus, teachers can have students compare their answers before giving the answers.

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