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Speak English Fluently

Practice speaking, listening and pronunciations with Speak and Peek videos for Fluency Training! This activity is the easiest and best way to learn English!

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Below are sample videos that students and teachers can use to improve speaking and listening fluency.

Yes / No Questions

Speak and Peek

Man: Do you play sports?
Woman: Yes, I play sports. I really love baseball.
Man: Do you play on a team?
Woman: Yes, but we do not play in winter.
Man: Oh, do you play in summer?
Woman: Yes, we play in spring and summer.

There is / There are

Speak and Peek

Man: Excuse me, is there a gym in the hotel?
Woman: Yes, there’s one on the first floor.
Man: Great! And is there a pool?
Woman: Yes, there’s a pool on the roof.
Man: Is there a changing room up there?
Woman: No, there isn’t, but there’s a restroom.
Man: OK, thanks.

Past Tense

Speak and Peek

Man: How was your trip to Brazil?
Woman: It was wonderful. I had such a great time.
Man: How was the food?
Woman: It was all so good. I ate so much, I think I put on some weight.
Man: What did you do there?
Woman: Well, we spent a lot of time at the beach, but we also went out at night.
Man: I hear the nightlife there is really good.
Woman: It is! We had so much fun!

Adverbs of Time

Speak and Peek

Woman: Are you coming to the meeting?
Man: When is it?
Woman: It’s at one. It starts soon.
Man: Is the boss coming?
Woman: Yes, he’s already there, I think.
Man: What about Sue?
Woman: I don’t know. She’s not here yet.
Man: What about Jerry?
Woman: He just called. He’s still out sick.
Man: He’s still sick! Lucky him!
Woman: Well, it’s almost time. We better go.
Man: Right. I’ll be right there.

About the Teacher

Todd Beuckens is an ESL teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience. He has an M.A. in Learning, Design and Technology from San Diego State University.

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