The Story of One Minute English on ELLLO


Todd Beuckens, the creator of ELLLO, talks with Chris Haswell on his podcast Lost in Citations, about the creation of One Minute English Videos, the most popular activity on English Listening Lesson Library Online.

The Story of ELLLO

Hear Todd explain the history of ELLLO, and how it came about nearly 20 years ago.

About Lost in Citations

The academic website Lost in Citations is hosted by Chris Haswell and Jonathan Schacher. The podcast is for teachers and academics but might be of interest for advanced students. Below are some of the podcasts that might be of interested to ESL teachers and advanced students.

Dr. Chris Haswell

A global model of English

Dr. Marc Helgesen

English teaching and the science of happiness

Dr. Aya Matsuda

English as an international language: A curriculum blueprint.

Dr. Rob Waring

Teaching extensive reading in another language.

Joshua Wedlock

Teaching about Taboo Language in EFL/ESL Classes: A Starting Point.

Dr. Geoff Jordan

We need to talk about course books.

Jonathan Shachten

Teaching reading skills in “surround sound.”

Todd Beuckens

Tech tools for teachers, students, and researchers.

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One Minute English Videos

Free Courses from ELLLO