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Miles #1025
Do teachers praise students too much?
Nydja #1024
Do you prefer to read online or offline?
Jon #1023
Do you read fewer books because of the internet?
Enam from Bangladesh #1022
What is being threatened in your country?
Enam from Bangladesh #1021
What animals are dangerous in your country?

What is life like on a military base?

Emily #1019
Where is your favorite holiday resort?
Enam from Bangladesh

Who do you admire?

Enam from Bangladesh #1017
Who do you admire?
Nydja #1016
Do you enjoy being an expat?
Paul #1015
What foreign culture has a big influence in your country?
Enam from Bangladesh #1014
Is you country multicultural?
Miles #1013
Are there any regional rivalries in your country?
Nydja #1012
What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Paul #1011
How does your hometown differ?
Pernese and Doron #1010
What is good about your hometown?
Enam from Bangladesh #1009
How long should the school day be?
Nydja #1008
Do you use any special beauty products?
Enam from Bangladesh #1007
Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Jon #1006
Should sports focus on winning?

Why you should stay in shape?

Jon #1004
How do people show affection in your country?
Nydja #1003
Are you touchy-feely?
Miles #1002
Are you a tree hugger?
Nydja #1001
What is your country's biggest environmental problem?