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Speakers #1050
Will we still have papers in the future?
Speaker #1049
What part of the paper do you read?
Enam from Bangladesh

Is the transportation good in your country?


Does it rain a lot in your country?

Enam from Bangladesh

Would you like to work in another country?

Enam from Bangladesh

What is your favorite country?

Speaker #1044
What is for lunch?

What can you cook?

Speakers #1042
Are you happy where you live right now?

Do you like apartment buildings?

Enam from Bangladesh

What's is your country's best city?

Heidi #1038
Is there a lot of corruption in your country?
Heidi #1037
Do people pay bribes in your country?
Enam from Bangladesh

Do you prefer to cook or eat out?

Enam from Bangladesh #1035
What is your favorite Chinese dish?
Heidi #1034
Where do you like to hang out?
Shon and Gaew

What is your ideal day off?

Steve #1032
Should the man pay for everything on the first date?
Enam from Bangladesh

Where is a good place for a first date?


Where do you want to study?

Miles #1029
Does grad school differ from undergraduate?

Do you follow your national team?

Steve #1027
Have you been to all parts of the U.K.?
Enam from Bangladesh

Are grades over-emphasized in school?