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Speakers #1075
What do you like shopping for?
Speaker #1074
Do you tend to hold onto things?
Enam from Bangladesh

What do you want to get rid of?


What can you do for hours on end?

Enam from Bangladesh

Do you bottle stuff up?

Enam from Bangladesh

Do men or women hold hands where you live?

Speaker #1069
How do people in Sri Lanka show affection?

Have you ever went camping in the wild?

Enam from Bangladesh #1067
Are you a nature lover?

Action or relaxation?

Enam from Bangladesh

What is a cool holiday where you live?

Heidi #1064
Who is a famous folk hero from your country?
Speaker #1063
Have you ever had to stand up for yourself?
Speaker #1062
Would like to be a singer, actor, or athlete?
Enam from Bangladesh

Who is a celebrity you like?

Enam from Bangladesh

Do you like beards?

Enam from Bangladesh #1059
Would you like to grow a beard?
Heidi #1058
Have you ever been a babysitter?
Shon and Gaew

Do you like to take naps?

Steve #1056
Do you believe in conspiracies?
Enam from Bangladesh

Should we go to the moon?


Are any animals protected in your country?

Miles #1053
Have you been stopped by the police?

What is your favorite holiday?

Steve #1051
What is your favorite holiday?