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Speakers #1150
How is the traffic in your area?
Speakers #1149
Do you take public transportation?
Speakers #1148
Are you worried about mad cow disease?
Speakers #1147
Do you think that animal labor is cruel?
Speakers #1146
Do you think animals should be held in captivity?
Speakers #1145
Have you ever touched a wild animal?
Speakers #1144
Have you ever been stranded?
Speakers #1143
Have you ever had a really scary experience?
Speakers #1142
Have you been to a memorable wedding?
Speakers #1141
What is a wedding like in your country?
Speakers #1140
Are you interested in science?
Speakers #1139
What sea creatures do you like?
Speakers #1138
Have you ever grown your own vegetables?
Speakers #1137
What is the special cuisine in your country?
Speakers #1136
What is something that will reduce crime?
Speakers #1135
What do you think is the main cause of crime?
Speakers #1134
Have you ever filed a police report?
Speakers #1133
Have I ever had anything stolen?
Speakers #1132
Is your family typical or unique?
Speakers #1131
What do you enjoy doing with your family?
Speakers #1130
What wild animals are in your area?
Speakers #1129
Do animals encroach in your area?
Speakers #1128
Have you ever been stranded?
Speakers #1127
Do you remember a great trip?
Speakers #1126
Should nudity be censored?