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Speakers #1175
What's your favorite national holiday?
Speakers #1174
What career would you like to have?
Speakers #1173
What is your dream job?
Speakers #1172
Do people drive fast in your country??
Speakers #1171
Are people safe drivers in my country?
Speakers #1170
What do you like to eat for an energy boost?
Speakers #1169
How are the road conditions in your area?
Speakers #1168
How often do you ride your bike?
Speakers #1167
Have you ever taken a memorable trip?
Speakers #1166
Are you into social networking?
Speakers #1165
Should children be allowed to use social media?
Speakers #1164
Is your family on social media?
Speakers #1163
How do you keep in touch with your family?
Speakers #1162
Where would you like to visit?
Speakers #1161
What interesting place would you visit in your country?
Speakers #1160
Do you like doing projects in teams?
Speakers #1159
Are you good at taking tests?
Speakers #1158
Had you had to rehab an injury?
Speakers #1157
Do you like working out in gyms?
Speakers #1156
Do you have money worries?
Speakers #1155
Where would I like to live after retirement?
Speakers #1154
Have you ever had a long distance relationship?
Speakers #1153
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Speakers #1152
What is fun to do in your hometown?
Speakers #1151
What is your favorite place in your city?