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Speakers #1200
What extreme sport would you like to try?
Speakers #1199
What adventure you would like to do?
Speakers #1198
How do you keep fit?
Speakers #1197
What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Speakers #1196
How is the weather today?
Speakers #1195
Does it rain a lot in your hometown?
Speakers #1194
Do you have any bad habits?
Speakers #1193
Has your life changed?
Speakers #1192
Relaxation or adventure on the weekends?
Speakers #1191
What do you do on the weekends?
Speakers #1190
Are you good at learning languages?
Speakers #1189
Do you enjoy studying?
Speakers #1188
What sports do women in your area like?
Speakers #1187
Do you get emotional watching sports?
Speakers #1186
What sport are people crazy about in your country?
Speakers #1185
What sports did you play when you were a child?
Speakers #1184
What would like to change about your personality?
Speakers #1183
Do you like tattoos?
Speakers #1182
Do you prefer the working life or the studying life?
Speakers #1181
What do you feel about living abroad?
Speakers #1180
Do you like to go dancing?
Speakers #1179
Do you know how to do any dances?
Speakers #1178
Are you ever mistaken for another nationality?
Speakers #1177
Which place in your country has lots of wildlife?
Speakers #1176
What is a romantic dish to cook for someone?