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Vocabulary Focus
Fill the gaps with the words listed below. Audio links provide answers


  1. All businesses need to revenue to survive.
  2. You can by apples and carrots in the department.
  3. Smoking is in all public places.
  4. People lived in cave thousands of years ago.
  5. England has many houses with roofs.

Comprehension Quiz
Read or listen to the text and answer the questions below.
Game #58 Best Park
Todd talks about his favorite place to hang out, a park near his house and why he likes it so much.

Hi, this is Todd, and today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite places. It's a park and it's called Park for 21st Century and it's right by my house.

Now one thing I love about this park is it's ideal for running. It has a dirt track that goes around the park, and because the track is dirt it's really soft on your knees, so you can jog for a long time and your legs don't get tired or they don't feel any pain, so I really enjoy the dirt path.

Another nice thing about the park, is that it has wide-open grassy areas that are great for sports, so in the middle it has these grassy fields, and you can play soccer or baseball or maybe badminton. You often see children running around on the weekends and that's really nice. I don't like it when parks ban sports, they don't allow people to play sports in the middle. I never think that's a good idea.

The park is also really educational. It has a garden in the middle, and when I say garden, I don't mean the type of garden that has flowers. It has a garden that actually grows food, so they grow onions and lettuce and tomatoes and things like that and they get local school kids to come in and tend to the gardens and they use it for educational projects, and then they also have senior citizens that live in the area that come and help the kids grow the produce.

Another educational tool they have is there's a lake in the middle, and I think they use the lake for many things, but one of the things they use it for is to generate fog. The lake has some type of machine that when they turn it on it actually creates fog, and it looks like a big cloud just sits over the entire lake, so that's always pretty cool. They don't turn it on too often but when they do it's pretty impressive to see.

The best thing about the park though is that it has these old thatched houses that are recreations of how people lived hundreds of years ago. So in this forested area up on a hill by the park, they have these old homes or just ancient dwellings that people used to live in hundreds of years ago, and if you go up there, there is a guide, and the guide will tell you about the history of the native people that lived in the area hundreds of years ago and what they ate ad so forth.

Lastly, one thing you can do at the park is you can go and you can have a picnic. They have picnic benches all around the park and you can bring your family or your friends and bring some food. As for as I know, you can't cook in the park. I've never seen a barbeque pit, but I do see lots of people there on the weekend having food with their family, so that's kind of nice.

And lastly if you just want to come and relax, one beautiful thing they have at the park is they have an actual flower garden, with flowers, many types of flowers of all types of colors and they put seated benches that you can sit on and and maybe read a book in the middle of the flowers, and that's always a really nice way to relax.

And that's it. That's my favorite place. It's called park for the 21st Century. What about you and where you live? Do you have a park? Where do you like to go?


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