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  1. It was a evening. We stayed home and watched TV.
  2. We decided to at home and watch a DVD.
  3. The food is a Spanish and French cuisine .
  4. The North Shore is a good place to if you want to surf.
  5. It was the most expensive item on the menu.

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G062 France
Antoine from France talks about six things you should do in the Southwestern France.
Hi, I'm Antoine from France, and I'm going to talk about six things you have do and see if you come to my country, and if you go to Southwest of France, to Basque country. So, first thing, I think is that you have to come during summer because there are a lot of activities in summer.

So first thing to do is like just going to the beach, just to chill, just to get a good tan. After that, you can learn how to surf because it's a really big sport, very famous sport in France, and it's quite funny to try to catch some waves and just be in the water, and that's quite good.

The third thing is there's a really big event in summer in my part of France in Bayonne. It is the name of the city. It's called the party of Bayonne, FĂȘtes de Bayonne. It's the fifth biggest party in the world. Like the first one is the Carnival of Rio. The second one is the Octoberfest in Germany, and during that party there is like almost two million people coming there, just to have some funny times, to party, to drink, and I think that's a really cool event.

After this, you can go to watch what we call the corridor. It's an entertaining events coming from Spain, but it's really famous in my part of France. It's a fight between a man and a bull, and at the end most of the time, the men kill the bulls and that's really typical, and I think you have to see it.

After you can listen to some Basque music, cause in Basque country we have our own language, so we have like very traditional songs and it's always I think interesting to discover new language and new music.

And finally, we also have traditional sports. It's called pelota basque. It's kind of a mix between tennis and squash, because you're playing in front of a big wall, and yeah, I think definitely have to see this because it's really, really famous in the Basque country.