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  1. A big plate of pasta should .
  2. He is a bit strange if you know .
  3. Her name is very hard to the first time you hear it.
  4. Please that the buses will not be running tomorrow.
  5. Giving a gift is a to say thank you.

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G68 Middle Eastern Food
Aiman talks about some popular food from various Middle Eastern countries.
Hi, my name is Aiman and I'm from Syria. I'd like to recommend six foods today from six different Arab countries.

The first one is from Lebanon, and it's tabula. Tabula is what we call meza, or starter, so that's why I started with it. It's really a good healthy choice to begin with. Tabula of different vegetables and it's really green and fresh most of the time. Or at least you have to make sure it's fresh.

Feta is from Syria, which is of bread and chickpeas. It's really good as a breakfast or a dinner, later dinner but it will really keep you full for a long time, so you have to keep that in mind when you order feta. And it's really cheap and tasty.

The next dish is called mendi, and it's from Yemen. It's of rice and meat or chicken on the top. It's cooked in a really, unique and nice way and adds a really good taste to it.

The next dish is meshboosh which is from Kuwait. Meshboosh is cooked with ... as well with rice or chicken or fish and really tasty because it has a different spices and different way of cooking the meat.

The next one is from Egypt, and it is Kushuri. Kushuri is rice and spaghetti and spices mixed together and it's really, really tasty and really, really cheap as well. And it's available everywhere, but you have to pronounce the name right for people to give you what you want.

The last one is from the U.A.E. and it's called Jisheed. It's mainly of fish and batter. It's really, really tasty but a bit greasy if you know what I mean.