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Quiz 1: Vocabulary Focus
  1. I will be working the next three weeks.
  2. I eat more on the weekends than the weekdays.
  3. I always when I go on vacation.
  4. Do you mind if we seats? I want to sit next to my wife.
  5. The rain does not me like it does other people.

Quiz 2: Comprehension Q's
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Quiz 3: Questions for You!
Questions for you! (Q4U)
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G73 What NOT to pack!
Jeff talks about several items people foolishly bring when traveling.

  • Transcript
  • Audio Notes


Don't overpack clothes

Here, “overpack” means to pack more things than we need. Jeff thinks people pack too many clothes when they travel. “Over” is usually negative. Here are two more examples:

  1. During New Year’s holiday, I almost always overeat.
  2. On Friday he overslept and was late to his first class.

tend to

People tend to love to pack too many books.

“Tend to” refers to what people usually do in certain situations. Notice the example sentences:

  1. People tend to spend less money when the economy is bad.
  2. I tend to forget things if I don’t take notes.

on the road

You can find books on the road.

“On the road” means the time when we are traveling. Note the following:

  1. I often meet new and interesting people on the road.
  2. Jack’s business takes him on the road three to four months a year.


You can do book swaps.

Swap means to exchange something. Here are two example sentences with “swap”:

  1. My friends and I like different movies so every few months we swap DVD’s.
  2. While traveling, I met some people from Germany. We swapped stories about being on the road.

roll up

Rolls up to the size of a sock.

We roll up something in a cylinder shape to make it smaller. Notice the following examples:

  1. He rolled up his sleeping bag and attached it to his backpack.
  2. I never fold my clothes when I travel. I always roll them up.