Introducing the Grammar Crammer

Let's be honest. Most students do not like to learn grammar. Grammar lessons can be boring, long, and difficult! Still, grammar is important. Students need to know the basics to learn English correctly and quickly.

Now, with a new product called the Grammar Crammer, students can learn grammar naturally by listening to short conversations that focus on one grammar point. In the first course, students can listen to dialogues about these grammar points:

  1. Present Simple
  2. Present Simple (3rd Person Singular)
  3. Present Continuous
  4. Future (will)
  5. Going to
  6. Present Continuous (Future)
  7. Articles
  8. Adjectives + Adverbs of Degree
  9. Comparatives
  10. Superlatives
  11. Adverbs (much / a lot)
  12. Also, too, so, as well
  13. Basic Connectors
  14. Contractions (to be)
  15. Nouns / Plurals (much, many)
  16. One vs It
  17. Indefinite Pronouns
  18. Modals (have to, need to
  19. Would like vs Want to
  20. Can - Permission
  21. Present Perfect - Time Reference
  22. Present Perfect - Experiences
  23. Would like (ordering food)
  24. Past Tense (-ed)
  25. Past Tense (irregular)

You can see a demo of a complete free lesson here.

You can get the complete set of 25 lessons here for just $15!

I hope you like these lessons. They are very basic in order to make learning as easy as possible. Rather than focus on rules, students can learn by listening and noticing patterns.

These lessons are also great for more advanced students who might be strong with grammar with reading but not listening.

I hope you like them, and as always, thanks for supporting elllo!

ESL Teacher
Ed Tech Specialist
MA SDSU - Learning Design and Technology

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