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This week - Learn how to practice speaking with Speaking Tip #1
Last week - New Level 1 | Level 2 grammar conversations.

Views - Natural English

Interviews with people form around the world. See all 1500 lessons.

1247 Work from Abroad
1504 Love it / Hate it
Meg and Todd talk about things they like doing.
1247 Work from Abroad
1503 Saving Money
Abidemi and Todd discuss spending and money.
1247 Work from Abroad
1502 Pack Rat
Keeping and throwing away things.

1247 Work from Abroad
1501 At the Mall
Katie talks about things at the mall.

Videos - One Minute English

Speaker around the world answer various questions. See all 800 lessons.

Cover Image
Video 1500
What is the secret to learning English?
Cover Image
Video 1499
How did you learn English?
Cover Image
Video 1498
How do you stay healthy?
Cover Image
Video 1497
What are your sleeping habits?
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Video 1496
What is your biggest regret?

Mixer - 6 Speakers on 1 Topic

Six people discuss the same topic. See all 150 lessons.

Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 150 Bad Habits
Listen to six people admit their bad habits.
Mixer 113 Best Genre
Mixer 138 Exotic Pet
How do people feel about exotic pets?
MX 106 Best Place to Live
Mixer 132 Before Marriage
Should couples live together before marriage?

News - Animated Academic English

Watch a short new cast using academic English. See all 25 lessons.

News #1 Oil Spill
An oil spill, a theft, a long walk, taxes and a new book.
News #2 Lost Baby
A child in danger, an explosion, a school, a play, and a pigeon.
News #6 Earthqauke
An earthquake, books, health, shoppers and more.

Games - Six Pics

Listen to a description and choose the right image. See all 75 lessons.

64 DjiBouti
SixPix 75 Vietnam
Good laces travelers to visit in Vietnam.
64 DjiBouti
SixPix 71 Kids Play
Games she liked to play.
55 President

SixPix 57 Dating Scene
What people look for in a date.

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All Levels | Worksheets!

Blog - Learning English

1247 Work from Abroad

Blog 5 Special Types of Vocab
Learn about idioms, phrases and more.

1247 Work from Abroad
Blog Vocab Listening Training
Learn how to train your ear to learn words.

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